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Q Lighting co.,ltd was established in 2016 by 2 siblings from a family with long history in lighting business. The company stands out by providing novel and extended customizable options for decorative lamps.

Each client is unique, therefore, at Q Lighting co.,ltd, each lamp, each project will be treated accordingly be it their style preferences or their budgetary aspect.

Clients are welcomed to browse through our varietal yet comprehensive list of materials, sizes, colors and textures to make sure that their finished products are precisely what

Q Lighting co.,ltd offers decorative table lamps, floor lamps, pendants and wall sconces, among others, for both indoor and outdoor use.

To make sure that our lamps light up clients desired ambience.

Q Lighting co.,ltd always look for better ways to develop, manufacture and quality control.


Q Lighting is meticulous in every production process, starting from a drawing that must be accurate, able to produce and use it, as well as create a model model that allows customers to monitor exactly according to the requirements before submitting them.


Q Lighting has introduced a computer program to simulate lighting to help calculate lighting for residential homes, office buildings, hospitals and industrial plants, as well as parks, and can also create light models when lighting is installed to meet the needs of customers.


Q lighting has many high quality materials to customers, and Designer has opted for designing and producing lamps such as stainless steel, metal, brass, aluminium, rasin, marble, fabric, plastic, glass, crystal chain, mesh steel, etc.


Q Lighting consists of a production team that has a long capacity to produce lamps, all materials. There are every step of the way, whether it’s using machinery in production or hand-crafting, so that the lamp is beautiful, the right size. Exactly what customers want.


Q Lighting is equipped with a highly skilled equipped team. The lamp can be installed in a variety of areas, can be installed properly, neat and beautiful. Exactly what you want.


Q Lighting is very meticulous in shipping, the selected packaging must be strong. Customers are confident that the lamps ordered by Q Lighting will reach a beautiful, complete, scratch-free and exactly scheduled appointment.

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